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Federation President's Message
First, I must apologize for not being at our Biennial Workshop and Annual Meeting on June 6th but the body just wouldn’t allow it. I want to thank RVP Rodney Adelman for presenting the Federation President’s annual report and running the session for Presidents. Also, I want to thank all the others that pitched in to help where asked.

I want to thank the 41 chapter and national members that attended the Biennial Workshop and Annual Meeting. I have quickly looked over the Evaluation Sheets and it appears that everyone liked the fact that each presenter had handouts for you to take back with you. The informative discussions on the resolutions to be voted on and the preferential voting appears to have been beneficial, also. I will make up a summary of the sheets and get it out to the Chapter Presidents and put it up on the Federation website www.narfeaz.com shortly.

Be sure and vote, if you have not already done so. Voting is open until June 30, 2018, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time; that’s 8:59 PM Arizona Time. If you are using the paper ballot from your June magazine, be sure and have it in the mail by no later than June 21st. Also, if you are mailing your ballot, it is strongly suggested that you put it into an envelope, attach a Forever or 50¢ stamp, and mail it. A single sheet ballot could get lost in the mail, where an envelope has a much better chance of being delivered.

For those that still need or want further information on the resolutions, I would suggest that you contact someone that attended the Workshop and review the “NARFE Ballot Voting” handout that RVP Rodney Adelman prepared and handed out. Or, you can contact me as above.

The Arizona Federation newsletter will be published on an as needed basis. So, keep checking the website for new information. When a new newsletter is published, I will notify the chapter presidents and also send an NES message to all those that have an email addresses listed in the NARFE National database.

PLEASE read the section of this newsletter entitled “Spam Emails”. Two Federation officers have received one of these scam emails and now at least one of our Arizona chapters has received one of them. These scams are very, very dangerous and our chapters or the federation do not need to lose any money by this.

Many of our chapters will be dark for the summer but whether your chapter is dark or having meetings, please remember to RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT. Even if you can only get them as a National only member, it is worthwhile. Remember, numbers count with our congressional representatives, both house members and senators. Recruiting is everyone’s job and everyone of us needs to do their part. At Tucson Chapter 55 June meeting, we had two National members attend our meeting. They paid their chapter dues and now are members of our chapter. All it takes is to talk with these members and explain the benefits of belonging to a chapter.

Announcement: The 1st Biennial Arizona Federation Conference will be held May 3-4, 2019, at the Best Western Inn Suites Tucson Foothills Hotel & Suites located at 6201 N Oracle Road, Tucson, Arizona. Registration will start at 12:00 pm (noon) on Friday May 3rd and end at noon on Saturday, May 4th. Mark your calendars now and please plan to attend. The agenda and other information is not available at this time.

The Arizona Federation will be electing new officers for 2019 – 2020 at the Arizona Conference: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, a District Vice President for District 1 and 2, and a National District Vice President to represent the National members on the board. ALL members (chapter and national only) can run for these positions and ALL members will have an opportunity to vote prior to the Conference.

At the May Arizona Federation Board Meeting, I appointed the Nominating Committee. Paul Lamb, Chair (plamb@wildblue.net) and Cris Gumbmann (crisgumbmann@q.com), and Coral Van Hooser (coralvan@yahoo.com). I will NOT be running for re-election and our Federation Treasurer has announced that he will not be running for re-election. If anyone is interested in any one of these elected officer positions or would like further information on these positions, please contact one of the Nominating Committee members. Also, if you are interested in any of the Appointed Officer Positions (National Legislative, State Legislative, Membership, Service Officer, Congressional Legislative Liaison (CDL), Alzheimer’s, NARFE-PAC, etc., again contact a Nominating Committee member or any of those holding these positions now as we will be glad to talk with you. Please consider putting your hat/bonnet into the ring. Those of us holding these offices now will be glad to mentor you and provide assistance where needed.

The new NARFE-PAC Political Associate is Ross Apter who can be reached at rapter@narfe.org or (571) 483-1248. Remember that the month of August is a good time to plan a visit with your congressional representative and discuss issues that effect both federal employees and retirees. Work with your Congressional District Liaison (CDL) to arrange an appointment. If you do not know who your CDL is, please contact me and I will give you the information. If candidates ask about NARFE-PAC monies, you can give them Ross Apter’s contact information. However, you should not promise NARFE-PAC funds or promise an endorsement from NARFE.

The new Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) withdrawal options are slated for implementation in September 2019 (not this year).

The FEDcon 18 National Conference will be August 26 – 28, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida. I hope you are planning to attend. Registration is now $175. The 5 top-tier keynote speakers, along with OPM Director Dr. Jeff Pon, are: Joe Theismann (World Champion Quarterback, Broadcaster and Entrepreneur), Mara Liasson (National Political Correspondent for NPR and Contributor to Fox News Channel), Mike Massimino (Former NASA Astronaut, Columbia University Engineering Professor), Tammy Flanagan (Federal Benefits Expert, NARFE Institute Presenter and Government Executive Columnist), and Henry Winkler (Actor, Author, Director and Producer). Further information is on the NARFE website and in your magazine. I hope to see you there.

2019 will be a very busy year with our 1st Arizona Federation Conference on May 3-4 and also there will be a Region VII (our region) Conference in New Mexico. I do not have the dates or place as yet for the Conference in New Mexico. Since NARFE is changing, plan to attend these events to support NARFE and YOUR benefits.

May we keep all those that are ill or will be undergoing surgery in our thoughts and prayers and wish all a speedy recovery. Also remember those we have lost and our military members that are protecting our country.

If any member has questions or needs further information, please feel free to contact me as above. Until the next time, thank you for reading this, have a great summer and if you are traveling, travel safely.



Email us at: elginesz@hotmail.com

UPDATED: June, 2018