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Federation President's Message
Your Incoming Arizona Federation President
The beginning of my term starts now, I want to thank all of you for putting your trust in me and will try my best to work for each one of you. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and also to give you an idea of my goals for this coming year.

I started my government career in Ogden, Utah with the USDA Forest Service. As many of you have experienced in your careers I was very proud to work for the United States in the Federal workforce. A long career of service to our nation and now my service will extend to each of you.

I worked for the Intermountain Research Station (Ogden, UT) and quickly moved up in the ranks, I was the first person in the Forest Service (FS) to create a scientific document electronically, computers came quickly into the workforce and allowed us to reach thousands of people online. While working as an Editorial Assistant I was asked to serve as an EEO Counselor in a collateral duty job. A large part of the FS is involved in Fire Management, this was my next move, I transferred to Tucson, Arizona to work in Fire Management Training, we would be the office that trained the people who manage all the resources on the large fires and very soon after I started we also worked on other emergency management training. I became a member of the Southwest Incident Management Team, a team comprised of other wildland fire agency personnel. We soon not only were sent on large fires all over the nation but Hurricanes and other emergency situations. My team was the first team called to support New York at the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster. When no planes were flying, all were grounded; we were finally given permission by NORAD to fly into NYC. We had part of our team supporting the firefighters and emergency workers at ground zero and the other half supporting all the volunteers coming in to help at the Javitts Center. You all remember we had not experienced anything like that so we did something different all the time, but, what I am so proud of is that we came back for many years after to teach the FDNY the Incident Command System (ICS). As many of you have done, we do what is asked of us to the best of our ability and that is what my plan is for NARFE and the Arizona Federation.

My plan is to bring together our members both Chapter and National members; we succeed with our strength in our numbers. I will follow NARFE’s Mission:

To support legislation and regulations beneficial to federal civilian employees and annuitants and potential annuitants under any federal civilian retirement system and to oppose those detrimental to their interests. To promote the general welfare of federal civilian employees and annuitants and potential annuitants, to advise and assist them with respect to their rights under retirement, health and other employee and retiree benefits laws and regulations, and to represent their interests before appropriate authorities. To cooperate with other organizations and associations in furtherance of these general objectives.

The only way any of us will succeed is by working together. Anytime there is a vote that will affect our earned benefits we will be sent notice to send letters (email or postal mail) to our representatives voicing our concerns and asking those representatives to vote against anything that will potentially hurt us.

If there is a vote to help us to keep our benefits or steady COLA’s introduced we need to write to our representatives again and make sure they are voting with us all.

Just joining NARFE will not guarantee retaining what is important to us, voting and speaking out on behalf of Federal Active and Retired employees is the key. Please sign into the NARFE Legislative Action Center on the NARFE.org website. There are letters pre-written for you to send to your representatives, when you sign into the website you will automatically be able to send these letters to your representatives; NARFE has made it so easy for you.

Let’s do this. We are one when we vote together.



Email us at: elginesz@hotmail.com

UPDATED:  July, 2019